National Board

The National Board of the European Youth Parliament Sweden makes strategic short and long-term decisions for the organisation. They are democratically elected by the Annual General Meeting and work on a voluntary basis. 

The European Youth Parliament Sweden is run by young people, for young people. It’s the members of the organisation who jointly steer and shape the future of EYP. The EYP is much more than the sum of EYP events that take place every year – it’s a vibrant network of people and member organisations across Europe.

The National Board is led by the President and Vice-President and works in committees (sv. utskott) corresponding to different areas of the organisation. 

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Maja Ahlberg

Elise Murphy

Isak Gerhardsson

Anna Ellmark
Teachers Representative

Vilhelm Hayen
International Coordinator

Tim Hultman
Board Member

Tracie Lau-Berggren
Board Member

Jack Nassri
Board Member

Branches of EYP Sweden

Communications and PR

The branch for Communications and PR work with the internal and external communications of EYP Sweden and are the ones responsible for EYP Sweden’s social media output, newsletter and website.

EYP Teachers

The branch for Teachers’ Questions holds the primary responsibility for teachers’ questions relating to EYP Partner School, the teachers’ programme at our sessions, being a teacher at sessions abroad etc.  


The branch of Decentralisation focuses on the regional and local boards of EYP Sweden, providing them with guidance and tools for them to be able to create regional and local activities. 

Activities and Campaigns

The branch for Activities and Campaigns plan and execute the national campaigns organised by EYP Sweden and activities on a national level such as panel discussions, the project ‘Committees of EYP Sweden’ and cooperations events with other EYP National Committees.

National Selection Process

The branch for the National Selection Process are the contact persons for the project managers for our sessions, guiding them in the process of organising the sessions.   

Our Office

The European Youth Parliament Sweden employs one Association Secretary (sv. Förbundssamordnare). 

The Association Secretary has operational, strategic and administrative responsibilities for the organisation and works closely with the National Board, Regional Boards, Local Boards and Project Managers.

Felicia Richter
Association Secretary
+46 70 034 68 11

Postal Address:
Europeiska Ungdomsparlamentet Sverige
Slottsbacken 8 c/o The Castle, SE-111 30 Stockholm

Invoice Address:
Europeiska Ungdomsparlamentet
LIN3997 Scancloud SE-83197 Östersund


The Auditors are elected by the Annual General Meeting to conduct an objective revision of the organisation’s operations. They continuously work to review the organisation to then present an auditor report for the members at the Annual General Meeting. They review the decisions that the National Board takes by reviewing meeting protocols and attending National Board meetings. They also act as consultants to the National Board with important decisions that would impact the future of the organisation. 

One of the auditors also is the National Safe Person that is here for the members to respond to any questions, concerns or reports you might have. They are in a position independent from the National Board in order to avoid a conflict of interests. The National Safe person is also responsible for leading the work with the Equal Treatment Plan against discrimination.

Paul Stone
Auditor and National Safe Person

Joel Hultman

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committees’ responsibility is to suggest candidates for the National Board, Nominating Committee and auditors for the Annual General Meeting. The Nominating Committees’ work has a huge impact on the organisation’s long-term development in deciding on what qualities to prioritize when presenting their nominations to the Annual General Meeting.

Alexander Dürr
Head of the Nominating Committee

Nora Samuelsson
Member of the Nominating Committee

Emma Johansson Walter
Member of the Nominating Committee

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