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Our organization sees continuous growth, in Sweden and across Europe. Every year, we reach new peaks in member engagement, participating schools and number of events. As we grow, our brand grows stronger, and we receive new opportunities to develop our organization.

This development would not be possible if it wasn’t for the Secondary Schools that participate in our events. 

As an EYP School, three or more students form a local board. This is done in collaboration with the Regional Board that operates the area in which the school is located. Then, EYP Sweden is happy to offer support in organizing EYP activities at your school, with all expenses fully covered. As an EYP School, you are expected to organize at least one EYP activity a year.

Contact your Regional Board to learn more about how your school can become an EYP School.



Every year, EYP Sweden engages around 40 schools in the work of the organisation. Primarily through the National Selection Process. Our organisation is dependent on engaged and enthusiastic, and we value the relationships we cultivate with teachers and principals at each school.


Our educational programme is tailored to suit the national school curriculum and aims to add a European perspective to the studies of your students. However, EYP is an educational initiative, and our philosophy is that every single individual that comes into contact with us should learn something new from the experience.

During a session, we offer all teachers to participate in a rewarding teachers programme. The programme entails visits to museums and institutions, seminars and social activities. All teacher’s programmes are unique and aimed to reflect the theme of the session.

Our teacher’s programme also invites to networking, and teachers who get involved in our organization receive the opportunity to develop a network of teachers from all over Sweden and Europe.


The following guides have been written by experienced alumni of our organization, in collaboration with several teachers. EYP Sweden hopes that these guides can be of assistance to all teachers who are interested in using the EYP methodology in their classrooms.

EUP kittet

EYP School Teachers guide