Our Mission

The European Youth Parliament Sweden wants  to inspire and support youth in exploring their role in a democratic society, through debate and intercultural dialogue.  These words define everything we do and pervades all of our events. In collaboration with our 39 sister organizations across Europe, EYP Sweden opens the doors to the continent for hundreds of young people each year.

EYP Sweden is a non-partisan organisation and a forum for open-minded dialogue. Our events are organised by youth, for youth, and aim to establish opportunities for cultural exchange between young people from all over Europe. We work to increase interest in and awareness of European issues amongst Swedish youth, and add a European dimension to Swedish secondary education.  EYP Sweden actively enables young people to get involved in their future by creating platforms where individuals can shape and express their opinions on European issues.

Through our organisation, these dedicated young individuals receive the opportunity to experience unprejudiced debates, partake in cultural exchange, and discuss issues related to the future of Europe – with their equally dedicated European peers.

Our Approach

At the European Youth Parliament, we engage active young citizens. Our participants are problem solvers and young European leaders.

The European Youth Parliament is a peer-to-peer educational initiative that encourages and empowers young people all throughout Europe to be open-minded, tolerant, and active citizens. We provide a setting for people to develop and share their ideas on a variety of issues. We foster intercultural understanding and friendships by bringing young people from various backgrounds together. Participants and volunteers in the EYP get the information and skills they need to effectively impact the world. Thousands of young people volunteer across Europe, making the EYP a true youth-led initiative – lead by young people, for young people.

European Youth Parliament Sweden is part of one of the largest and most dynamic youth organisations in Europe, with the EYP currently being represented in 40 European countries.

All activities are driven and organised by young people – and the organisation itself is also lead by young people wanting to create a space for young people to safely and without judgement discuss and debate European issues

The European Youth Parliament Sweden organises sessions (conferences) on regional and national levels, primarily for high school students to discuss contemporary political issues in a safe space as well as trainings for our volunteers and members to hone a diverse set of skills, which they can then put to use in their work for EYP activities, and go on use beyond the EYP. Furthermore, cooperations with our EYP alumni and other organisations create opportunities for panel discussions and webinars that enable young people to interact with decision makers and changemakers – those who are  taking initiative and positively shaping the world around them.

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