We are so happy you are considering becoming a part of EYP Sweden as a member! When  becoming a member you get the opportunity to engage in EYP activities, whether it is through your school and a Local Board, as a person who has graduated secondary school or as someone not attending secondary school. In the head menu under the Participant section you can read more about how to engage and which projects are open right now. 

Welcome Kit
Here you will find good to know-documents for you as a new member. Please scroll through them to learn more about what we do as an organisation and what you can do as a member!

Travel Grant

EYP Sweden offers members travelling to international EYP sessions and events the opportunity to apply for a travel grant. Intercultural exchange is one of the cornerstones of the EYP, and we believe everyone should have the ability to participate in the many sessions and activities hosted each year by our organisation throughout Europe. EYP Sweden therefore invites both new and experienced members to apply for the travel grant. The grant is paid retroactively, and consists of a minimum of 500 SEK up to a maximum of 3000 SEK. All members of EYP Sweden are welcome to apply. The application form can be found here. EYP Sweden’s Scholarship Board, consisting of alumni and a member of the National Board, decides on the grant recipients.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Scholarship Board

Call for Officials

European Youth Parliament Sweden organises four regional sessions and one national session each year that are fully volunteer-based. Every year our sessions gather about 150 youth volunteers from all over Europe in order to give Swedish youth the possibility to voice their opinions and develop their skills. There are different teams at the sessions; the academic team, the media team, the jury team and the organising team, working together to create the best session possible. The Officials Team will not only contribute to welcoming a new generation of EYP:ers in Sweden; but also to provide a platform for discussions on some of the most pressing issues that we are facing.

The Organising Team

The Organising Team of sessions consists of one to three project managers, maybe a few core organisers and two to ten organisers to organise the best session possible. The Organising Team creates the session by booking the venues, food, guest speakers etc enabling people from all over Europe to gather. 

The Project Managers for the session creates the vision for the session and are the ones that can shape the session how they want. They have a major role in all selection panels for the officials and are able to make the major decisions influencing the session. The Organisers help bring the project manager’s vision to reality and create the welcoming atmosphere that makes both officials and delegates want to return to EYP Sweden’s sessions.

The Academic Team

The Academic Team of sessions consists of one President, two to three vice presidents and five to twelve chairs that guide and create the academic outputs such as academic prep kits with topic overviews and resolutions for the session. The academic team are responsible for much of the academic pre-session work, committee work, resolution typing and General Assembly.

As president and vice-presidents for sessions you will be given extensive opportunities to work on many of the different aspects of the session, be a crucial part of the selection process of the academic team as well as to help lead the leadership for the whole session and its participants. The chairs write the topic overviews that are distributed to the delegates before the session, lead the committee’s work during the session and help facilitate the discussions during the general assembly.  

The Media Team

The Media Team of sessions consists of one to two Editor(s), two to three Editorial Assistants and three to ten Media Team Members that together create the media output such as infographics, videos and photos for the session. The Media Team is less bound by the session elements than the other teams since they work on projects independent from the other teams. 

As Editor for sessions you will be given the opportunity to form the vision for the Media Team and projects, be a crucial part of the selection process of the media team as well as to help the leadership for the officials team. The Editorial Assistants and Media Team Members work closely together to create the media output before, during and after the session.

The Jury Team

The Jury Team of sessions consists of one Head of Jury and two to three jury members to help provide a fair selection of the delegates in the National Selection Process. The Jury Team follows the selection criteria decided by EYP Sweden but decides how that is implemented and judged at the session. 

As Head of Jury you will be given the opportunity to form the vision for the Jury Team, have a crucial role in the selection process of the jury team as well as to help the leadership of the officials team. As a Jury Member you will help delegates further develop their skills by selecting and providing feedback to the delegates.

Application for the officials team

In order to be a part of the officials team for our sessions, you need to apply when our calls open. While the regional sessions take place in November and the national session usually take place in March, the calls open regularly especially in the summer and autumn months. 

If you want to apply to be a project manager, the bid for sessions opens the first few months of the year, usually in January or February. It is recommended that if you want to apply to be a regional project manager that you have attended sessions before firstly as a delegate and secondly as a official and if you want to apply to be a national project manager it is recommended that you have been an official beforehand, preferably as organiser or regional project manager. 

If you want to apply to be an official, keep your eyes open at the social media of European Youth Parliament Sweden for when the call opens. The official positions require different prerequisites, such as it being recommended that you have previous chair experience when applying to be a chair at a national session while the requirements are not as high for the regional sessions. In order to be selected to be in a leadership position such as president, vice-presidents, editor, editorial assistants or head of jury, it is recommended that you have previous experience of the positions that you would be leading such as chairs, media team members and jury members. 

The Calls open on the Members Platform for EYP and it is recommended that if you would like to apply to any session that you create a profile on the platform. 

Local and Regional Engagement

EYP Sweden is divided into four regions: North, East, West and South, which all have their own board. EYP North consists of Jämtland, Härjedalen, Norrbotten, Västerbotten, Västernorrland and Gävleborg. EYP East consists of Stockholm, Uppsala, Södermanland, Östergötland, Gotland and Västmanland. EYP West consists of Västra Götaland, Värmland, Jönköping, Örebro and Dalarna. EYP South consists of Skåne, Blekinge, Kronoberg, Kalmar and Halland. The four Regional Boards are coordinated by the National Board, and they have the main responsibility for coordinating the Local Boards within their region. Local Boards are formed at secondary schools by EYP-members and have to consist of three or more members. The Local Boards are free to plan activities and engage other students at their school.

Our regional and local activities are organised by driven and engaged members. If you would like to learn more about how to organise youth across a region, produce experience from working in an international youth organisation and would like to learn more about how a strategic board is run, we encourage you to get in touch with your Regional Board to learn more!

Board Academic Training (BAT)

Board Academic Training is an event that is held once a year in order to teach the Regional Boards what it means to be on the board and what is expected of the trustees. It is held by trustees from the National Board. During the event you will learn about how to encourage engagement, how to work with the Regional Sessions and how to plan the Board’s work, among other things. It also allows the Regional Board trustees from all regions to meet and get to know each other! The place and city of the BAT is different from one time to the next, and it usually lasts two days. 

We think it is absolutely necessary that trustees get the right tools to be able do a good and meaningful job during their time in the Regional Boards. Some of the trustees have never been part of a Board before, and therefore it is important they feel comfortable and confident in their new role. That is why BAT is a great opportunity for the trustees in the Regional Boards!

Not a student in a secondary school?

You do not have to be a student in a secondary school to be a member or to engage in EYP Sweden’s activities. Below you will find information on how to engage outside of a school.

Wildcard: You can still apply for sessions, both national and international ones, even if you are not a student in a secondary school. That is called being a Wildcard. A Wildcard applies as an individual rather than a delegation (as students from schools do) and there are always Wildcard spots open for regional, national and international sessions. It will be announced on EYP Sweden’s social media when it is possible to apply as a Wildcard for a session. 

Officials: Ahead of a session you can apply for a role as an official. An official can be a chairperson, a journalist/media person or an organiser, just to mention a few roles. Officials have a position of responsibility during the session and are representatives of the organisation. You can read more about the roles of officials under Participation in the head menu. 

International engagement: Other National Committees in Europe are often looking for delegates and officials from other EYP countries to join their sessions. This is announced in the Facebook group and on Members Platform.

National/Regional Board: Join the National or Regional Boards! Once a year in May/June new trustees of the Boards are democratically selected at the yearly meetings. We always encourage and welcome members to apply for the posts! When the time has come you can read more about this on EYP Sweden’s social media. We would love to hear from you!

Committees of EYP Sweden: You are also welcome to be part of Committees of EYP Sweden, which you can read more about under Participation in the head menu.

Committees of EYP Sweden

Committees of EYP Sweden is a new project aimed at providing a platform for our members to engage in a more long-term discussion about a topic of their choice. Joining a committee of EYP Sweden is an opportunity to engage in dialogue with decision-makers and impact civil society. You will be able to obtain in-depth knowledge about topics such as climate change, human rights,  equality, international cooperation and democracy. 

Work within the committees lasts for a few months with the chance of presenting your findings to all members of EYP Sweden; a thousand engaged young people throughout Sweden. 

The Committees will be led by a chairperson, much like during a regular session. This chair will be in charge of scheduling the group’s meetings, planning out what to discuss during each meeting, and ensuring that the group has a structure to work within. The chair will not be an expert on the topics, but will rather act as support and guide the committee through the practical elements of their work. 

The committee decides internally how often they meet, how they want to structure their work and how to divide the work within the group. The work will be continuous over the course of a few months and is aimed at creating a carefully crafted resolution on the topic. This will include research, knowledge building, debates, formulating opinions and working out solutions. 

At the end of the work, each committee will present its resolution to all members of EYP Sweden and have the opportunity to affect decision-makers. 

Nordic Mentorship Programme

EYP Sweden, Norway and Finland created a Nordic Mentoring Program led by EYP Finland. Through the program, active members of EYP learn how to get the most out of the EYP experience and how to use the gained skills in the future and become active citizens.

Mentoring pairs meet approximately four times (online) and at the end of the year all participants of the program will gather for a weekend long seminar in Helsinki. Travel and accommodation for mentors is covered.

Mentoring offers you opportunity to:

  • develop your communication skills and learn about mentoring
  • reflect on your own experience in EYP
  • share your experience with motivated members of EYP
  • connect with the network in a new way

More information could be found on EYP Finlands website: 


Campaigns are an important part of EYP Sweden’s operations. These can be media campaigns or physical campaigns and aim to increase the commitment of our members and spread knowledge to our followers. The purpose of these guidelines is to simplify the creative process of a campaign and make it clear how EYP Sweden works with this.

The Campaigns that EYP Sweden organises are focused on the principles which the EYP is founded on or issues that are important to youth in Sweden and Europe. 

Here you can find information about EYP Sweden’s previous campaigns:

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