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EYP Sweden’s Travel Grant

In order to increase the opportunities for EYP Sweden’s members to travel to international activities EYP Sweden will hand out travel grants twice a year. We welcome both new and old members to apply for the grant. The Scholarship Board will decide which members will be awarded the travel grant and the basis for the assessment is done according to a set of criteria, which can be found here. Members who have not participated in international activities will be prioritised. The travel grant will be awarded twice a year, to a maximum of three people at a time and the maximum sum is 1000 SEK. Should you have any questions, contact the Scholarship Board through

The Scholarship Board consists of alumni and a member of the National Board. The Board decides who will be awarded the travel grant and the decision is to be regarded as unanimous and cannot be appealed. A decision rejecting an application must not be motivated.

EYP asks all schools who have their places confirmed to begin to make transport arrangements as soon as possible, and choose the most inexpensive way to travel to the destination. EYP Sweden will be able to facilitate up to 50 percent of the travel cost, at a minimum cost of 500 kr and up to 2000 kr, subject to circumstances. To be eligible travel reimbursement, the school need to bring clear copies of all receipts for all persons to the registration at the session.