How to Become an EYP School 2018-03-05T13:08:28+00:00


Our organisation sees continuous growth, in Sweden and across Europe. Every year, we reach new peaks in member engagement, participating schools and number of events. As we grow, our brand grows stronger, and we receive new opportunities to develop our organisation.

This development would not be possible if it wasn’t for the Secondary Schools that participate at our events. Therefore, we are happy to present a new project, where schools can register to become EYP Schools.

As an EYP School, three or more students form a local board. This is done in collaboration with the Regional Board that operates the area in which the school is located. Then, EYP Sweden is happy to offer support in organising EYP activities at your school, with all expenses fully covered.

Contact your Regional Board to learn more about how your school can become an EYP School.